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Singer, songwriter, best-selling author

and all around entertainer





  • SXSW | The Netwerk, DJ CALVIN
  • SXSW | Underground Advocates

  • Daze summit (Nyc) | Underground Advocates
  • The Espee; R&B Love Fest (SaTX)



Art basel Week tour | The Netwerk, DJ CALVIN

West coast Takeover tour | The Netwerk, DJ Calvin

Texas Takeover Tour | The netwerk, Dj calvin

2019 - 2021


Moments Tour (Texas) 2021

Favorite Vibe Tour (Dallas) 2019

Overdue Tour (Miami) 2019


Natalie Nichole, born in Lubbock, Texas, and raised in San Antonio, is a ​versatile artist. From a young age, she showcased her talents in dancing, ​talent shows, TV, commercials, and youth organizations.

After high school, she moved to California to pursue music, collaborating ​with industry giants. Despite facing homelessness in Los Angeles, she ​remained determined. Her breakthrough came after winning Nick Cannon's ​IG Challenge, leading to projects like "Calling All Models (The Prequel)" and ​"The Fuck Him Trilogy."

She released the hit single "Simple" in 2019 and founded her indie label, ​Indience Music Group, achieving success with singles like "Slide" and "Go ​Off." Beyond music, Natalie authored a best-selling book, launched custom ​"N27" sneakers, and limited edition "Evolve Tee's."

She toured over 10 cities with DJ Calvin, promoting her album "Evolve," ​featuring collaborations with artists like Lil' Flip and AJ Hernz. Natalie's ​journey exemplifies resilience and limitless creativity.

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During the peak of the pandemic, ​Natalie Nichole, who was ​discovered by Nick Cannon in 2017, ​launched the nine song album ​"2020."

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"EVolve" is a 20-song album ​showcasing an artist's evolution ​on an independent journey, ​collaborating with admired ​artists.

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Moments, twelve songs created ​out of love and a deep desire to ​welcome people into the unique ​experience of Natalie Nichole. They ​are Natalie Moments.

Mood Swings | EP

Catch a sneak peek of Natalie's ​forthcoming album,

exclusively on EVEN.



Body of work


Petty Niggas

Director: Natalie Nichole

Cinematographer One: Rashaad Strong

Brightside Productions

Cinematographer Two & BTS: Eryka Jaye

Editor: Natalie Nichole


Pay Attention

Director: Jae Dyer

Cinemetography: Les Gaddis & Jae Dyer


Tell Him

DP/Editor: Theron Louis, Natalie Nichole

Actor(s): Desanti, Tob Thomas

Producer: Natalie Nichole




SKST Radio Artist Network


Rise & Shine (Short Film Doc)

White Gradient Fade

Getting into her recent album Evolve, some family ​matters, and going on tour. We end on working ​with Lil Flip, really being INDEPENDENT, & working ​so hard they can’t take anything back. Enjoy :)

SKST Radio Artist Network with Kami Grayson ​and Recording Artist Natalie Nichole

Natalie Nichole - The Star

Mamie Wilson - The Mom

Chris Orellana - The Director

Michael Fleming - The Producer

Isaac Miller - The Editor


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Order your limited edition ​evolve tee. options currently ​in black and white & custom ​“rep your city” options.

N27 Sneakers

made in italy.

designed by natalie nichole.

limited edition contemporary ​sock runner.


“Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of producing, engineering, and teaching Natalie ​Nichole. While working with Natalie she has shown nothing but professionalism and an understanding of the ​music business, vocal and songwriting talent, and a drive that is inspiring. She truly puts her all into her ​creative visions and then puts the same amount of energy into getting her music out into the world and ​promoting herself.”


Pr​oducer, Engineer

“A formidable presence and a true superstar, she excels in multiplying any ​opportunity presented to her, embodying the essence of a true ​businesswoman and creative.”

Ty​Ray Johnson

Re​altor, Marketing MGMT & Consultant

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